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Thursday 13

I'm sorry I'm late but I started a job today. So less computer time for me for a bit.

13 All My Children Characters I Love or Loved
1. Kendall
2. Zack
3. Erica
4. Bianca
5. Greenlee
6. Adam
7. Tad
8. Gillian
9. David
10. Trevor
11. Jack
12. Reggie
13. Ryan

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Tuesday Twosome

Tuesday Twosome

Think of two words that describe...

1. The smells of summer:

flowers, cut grass

2. The sights of summer:
beach, lawn chairs

The sounds of summer:
kids playing, splashing

The touch of summer:
hot, wet

The tastes of summer:
cold, sweet

Ten On Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday

10 Plans For The Summer
1. Do some walking.
2. Maybe get a job.
3. Update my blogs.
4. Get a tan.
5. Read lots of books.
6. Enjoy some bbq food.
7. Look at flowers.
8. Delete files from my computer.
9. Actually wear some shorts.
10. Make summer mix cds.

Daily Question

Daily Question

What book are you currently reading? What's stacked on your night stand waiting to be read next?
I'm reading Sex,Lies and Online Dating by Rachel Gibson. Than I have to read:
Meg Cabot - The Boy Next Door
Tim F. LaHaye - The Rising
Laurell Hamilton - Seduced By Moonlight
Zoey Dean - The A-list.


I created a new meme called Wordalicious

Here's my answers for the first word.

Grape is one of my favorite flavors.
Looking In is one of my favorite Mariah Carey songs.
Ice cream is what I'm craving at the moment.
Train 48 needs to come back.
Twenty five is my age.
Eric Lindros was one of my favorite players during the 05/06 hockey season.
Reading Sex,Lies, and Online Dating at the moment.

Sunday Seven

Sunday Seven

Consider your "Dream House." Now name seven features, either of the house or the lot itself, that would be required for it to really be your "Dream House."

1. A library
2. Indoor pool
3. Movie room with its own kitchen
4. A balcony or roof where I can put a bed,or garden so I can look up at the stars in the summer time.
5. Need a indoor ice rink.
6. When I have kids I want a awesome playground in the yard.
7. A guest house

Daily Questions

Daily Question

Have you ever/would you ever sing karaoke?
I've never tried it. I may try it if there's only like 2 ppl in the room and their strangers so I wouldn't have to hear how horrible I was for the rest of my life.

What kind of lunch box did you have as a kid?
I don't think I've ever had a box. I only remember having a purple bag. I think I may still have it.

Which Flavor Of Tea Are You?

You are Peppermint tea! Lots of people like peppermint tea, it's always sold out in the market. Not quite run of the mill with your unique zingy mintiness, you are still in a group of large people. Not boring...yet not over ecstatic.
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unconscious mutterings

  1. Bounce ::
  2. Ball
  3. Wasting time ::
  4. Lazy
  5. Utility ::
  6. Bills
  7. London ::
  8. Ontario
  9. Pregnant ::
  10. Belly
  11. Cranberry ::
  12. Juice
  13. International ::
  14. Spy
  15. Disappointment ::
  16. Sadness
  17. Sponsor ::
  18. Ad
  19. Second ::
  20. Thought